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Hey everyone!

We have been coming over to the finish with the first round of Loremageddon – and now we’re likely to finish them back which has a bang! Sure, we’ve released a megaton of latest lore about our races during the last 4 weeks - but you can still find many other unanswered questions buried insidewithin all the Loremageddon vault. Those questions demand answers, and then we’re likely to let them have for your requirements.

This week, we present a shiny new webpage that is dedicated solely to Loremageddon! Not only does this page contain links to any or all with the awesome race lore, it also features a section where we'll post solutions to the other burning queries about the WildStar universe. Now, we investigate items like FTL travel, Cassian Swordmaidens along with the molecular biology of Protostar clones – and as time moves on, we are going to always update this site with more juicy info.

I want to thank everyone who took part in Loremageddon! It has been an awesome experience to work with every body to improve the world of WildStar. None of the might have been possible without a real dedicated and passionate community of players who love our game as well as the lore that surrounds it.

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